Wheelbarrow Tires – Things You Should Know

Wheelbarrow Tires are very important for effective performance of this home and industrial cart. These tires or wheels consist of circular frames covered by a hoop. They roll easily on the ground when the handles of the cart are pushed when transporting loads or tools in the garden, outdoor, backyard, farm, field, or inside the workshop. There are so many things you know about tires made for wheelbarrows. These are briefly discussed below.

Made of different of different materials

Wheelbarrow Tires are made of different materials. You will find that the most common types are made of pneumatic (inflatable materials) or Micro- cellular Polyurethane (non inflatable plastic materials). The latter has more advantage than the former or the inflatable type because:


  • They don’t get flat easily
  • They are not puncture free
  • They air free
  • They are more durable
  • They are easier to maintain and can save you more funds
  • They are light weight and can easily roll on the ground.

Wheelbarrow Tires come in different sizes and colors

Manufacturers of wheelbarrow tires offer them in variant sizes to match the design of and features of particular brand of cart. Usually tires for wheelbarrows are small; however you can find them in various sizes fitting the sizes of the rims that combine to make up the rim. Furthermore, you will also find these in variant colors.

Easy to install

Wheelbarrow Tires can be installed with ease. You need not be a professional to do so, or you need not invite a professional do it for you. With instructional manuals you can apply a do-it-yourself approach to install them. This can help you save time and money that would have been paid to professionals. You can inflate a flat tire on your own and replace it without having to wait for professional to do it for you

Finally, there are lots of brands of tires that can be used for the wheelbarrow. Taking your time to research the Internet will provide you with opportunity to find a suitable tire in terms of size, colors, and design to match your need. Some of the top brands you can for are manufactured by companies like Marathon, Carefree, Never Flat, Northern Tools, Global Industries and so many others. You will find these brands sold on their websites and from the websites of reputable retailers like amazon, eBay, Nextag and others.